Is it hard to install a large decal?

While small stickers are very easy to use, larger decals are quite hassle-free installation. Just watch a couple of videos below:

How to ensure stickers look best on the wall

  • Ensure wall surface is clean and dry
  • Ensure wall surface is smooth and does not have defects
  • Once sticker is on the wall, make sure that no air is caught underneath the sticker

Is it safe to buy from you?

We’re not a multi-million dollar company, we’re a small family run business.
All orders are processed via PayPal. We never get any information about your credit card or any of your personal data.
All PayPal orders are protected by PayPal buyer protection, so if you’re not happy with your purchase and you’re unable to resolve it with us directly, you can always raise a claim with PayPal and if there’s really something wrong, then you’ll get your money back.
(although we will really try hard to make sure every customer is happy. As said before – we’re a family run business and every customer counts.)
You really have nothing to loose buying stickers from us.

What is the size of the stickers you sell?

Our stickers come in two form factors:
Large stickers and stickers that consist of many small stickers.
For all stickers size is provided on the product detail page.
Pictures have been provided for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect the final look of the item
(however we have majority of them stickered somewhere around our house and we are sure it looks great!)

Are your nerf bullets of good quality

Oh yes they are.
After getting bankrupt from buying super-expensive bullets from retail stores we shifted to sourcing them from where they are manufactured (you guessed right, China), and buy buying them in bulk, we can offer a wide selection of nerf bullets.
All bullets have been tested for compatibility with latest guns, shoot far and fly straight 🙂

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